Our Story


I love to cook and i've been experimenting with sauces for years. I come from a very diverse background. My father was born in Indonesia and was half Dutch and half Indonesian. My mother was a Latina American born in Los Angeles. From a young age I was able to taste flavors from both sides of the family. Now I find myself trying to recreate those flavors from my childhood and create new one's that I can share with my family and friends and eventually pass on.

It started with Roasted Habanero. I wanted a take on a traditional sauce. Instead of jalapenos, I wanted the flavor of habaneros with just the correct amount of burn. We source our ingredients locally whenever possible and only use real fruit in our sauces. Why add anything artificial? Keep it real, keep it simple, keep it well balanced.

Our Smoked Cherrywood flavor happened when we were grilling in the backyard anticipating our daughter's arrival into this world. We would have inducing parties with tons of food. Steak, elk sausages, tilapia grilled in banana leaves, roasted cauliflower and the list just goes on. I was smoking chicken and thought it would be interesting to smoke the Roasted Habanero ingredients instead of grilling them. Well now it's our most popular flavor. Thai Peach came next. I don't know about you, but I love birds eye chilis so much and we have some of the most delicious peaches in the NW. Our Thai Peach sauce isn't meant to be sweet, when the ingredients mix together they create a very unique flavor. I use it on chicken wings, in Bloody Mary's, and in soup like sopa de fideo. My mom made me it all the time when I was young. Now I make it for my daughter with just a splash of Thai Peach.

I made sure to spend some time finding that perfect balance between acidic fruit and hot peppers. Pineapple Habanero was inspired by a trip to Puerto Rico I took with my wife and the artist collective SUBM2. We ditched the entire group so we could get some dinner, just the two of us. We sat down and had the most amazing salsa out of a giant repurposed tequila bottle. That meal inspired me to pair pineapples with habaneros. It's hot too, but the pineapple goes to work and cools you down just right.

We make sauce that will compliment or make your food taste even better. We make hot sauce that pairs well with dishes that have been passed down for generations. Our flavors will make your reminisce of those really special times in your life. We feel it is important to share these flavors with your friends and loved one's.

HAB Sauce is family owned and operated. My wife and I designed the logo and branding. My brother Angel van Overeem designed the Pineapple Habanero, Lucha Libre, and Thai Peach label. The entire family including Oma and Opa are rolling up their sleeves to help make HAB Sauce a success.

When I'm not making Sauce, I’m traveling far and wide DJing under the pseudonym DJ Klavical with artists like Redray Frazier and Mic Crenshaw.

We feel we have created a very delicious and exquisite product. We hope you enjoy the sauce and follow us along our journey.